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Call for works / BabelScores - Reading Panel 2022-2023

Date limite de candidature : mercredi 01 février 2023

After the success of the last six Reading Panels, BabelScores is launching the Call for Works for the 7th BabelScores Reading Panel 2022-2023. BabelScores continues looking for the most creative and innovative composers from all over the world to strengthen a global quality catalog with important contemporary music works.

We strongly encourage composers of any age, gender or nationality to submit two works written for any instrumentation, electronic device or mixed media to the BabelScores Reading Panel 2022-2023.

If the submitted works are accepted, BabelScores will kindly invite you to join its roster and to publish and circulate your music. We will promote your music and you will be able to take advantage of the BabelScores professional tools and structure.

The 7th BabelScores Reading Panel 2022-2023 is composed of nine composers including Patricia Alessandrini, Marco Antonio Suárez Cifuentes, Anahita Abbasi, Jonathan Bell, Hui Hui Cheng, Luis Naón, Tatiana Catanzaro, Pedro García Velásquez and Lucas Fagin.