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Composition Mentorship Program

Date limite de candidature : lundi 30 septembre 2024

It is meant to address young or advanced composers who want to work actively on specific scores to enhance their technical skills.

In particular, some aspect of the score notation that concern both the performer and conductor's point of view will be deeply analyzed and discussed in a rather workshop-like way of working.
This is an experience to either prepare or be integrated with your academic studies.

Program Details

Application by email (
1. Project or work proposal in 200-500 words
2. Short bio
3. Portfolio (2 scores and list of works)
If selected, Valerio Sannicandro will contact for an interview. Max number of 6 students will be accepted, at a time.

Fee: 2500 Euros (few scholarships will be available)

Timetable: The duration is 6 months, and this can start at any time, preferably in September or March. It typically consists of a series of 6 meetings in person or via Skype/Zoom. More meetings can be arranged, if needed.

Languages: English, French, German, Italian