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Goodmesh Concours 2022

Date limite de candidature : samedi 01 octobre 2022

In 2020, Goodmesh Concours launched amidst the global pandemic. Questioning what it means to respect a body, our own or others', “BODY RESPECT” was chosen to be the opening theme of the competition. The following year with the arrival of the vaccine and not knowing what the new normal is going to look like, the theme “EXPECTATION VS REALITY” was chosen to inspire creative minds to showcase their artistry. 

For our third edition, we wanted to stir clear from the obvious, political, economic, social or personal. Henceforth, we are excited to present the theme of 2022: “FISH”.

Who can apply? 

Musicians collaborating with artists of non-musical art forms of their choice (visual art, movement, literature, graphic art, architecture, etc.). 

18+ years, currently enrolled in a Conservatory or Art Academy or alumni no longer than 5 years.

Collaboration with a non-music art form is obligatory.

Eligible for all music genres, soloists or chamber musicians up to 6 members. 

Goodmesh aims to find artists who are not afraid to take creative risks and challenge today's art industry while celebrating the collaborations of artists from different fields.