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ICCS young_talents 2023

Date limite de candidature : mercredi 01 mars 2023

Led by Ensemble Modern, the composer Iris ter Schiphorst and the conductor Bas Wiegers, the Composition Workshop ICCS young_talents will take place for the first time in 2023.

Young composers up to the age of 24 from all over Europe can apply with a concrete ensemble work. Within a one-week master course, the course will focus on re-hearsing this work with Ensemble Modern under the baton of Bas Wiegers and IEMA fellow Xizi Wang. In addition to rehearsals, Ensemble Modern members will give workshop on subjects such as instrumental expertise, percussion, electronics, notation, Ensemble sound.

The master course closes with a concert at the home of the German Ensemble Academy in Frankfurt, where the works will be performed. The final concert will be video-streamed and available online.